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Vendor procurement process

Save time & cost and reduce risk in your vendor procurement process.

Companies rely on vendors to operate many aspects of the business. It's important for companies to select vendors offering the best value and presenting the lowest risks. That's why companies build a procurement process.

Yet most procurement processes are complex and over-engineered.

Using Canyon's building blocks, you can build a simple yet effective procurement process. In a few clicks, you create forms to collect data and documents from vendors and design a flow to get documents commented and approved.

With Canyon, companies:

  • Save time by collecting data in a structured manner
  • Improve compliance by collecting documents in a consistent way
  • Reduce procurement cycles by making the process more collaborative and integrated with existing tools
  • Ensure business continuity by keeping track of all comments and document versions


How it works

The procurement team builds data and document collection forms and links them to a workflow.
The vendor completes the forms.
The workflow is triggered with relevant participants being notified by email or through the company's chat.
Participants review data and documents, collaborate internally and request additional information from the vendor by email.
Once the vendor is approved, the matter is archived, with all communications and document versions tracked.

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