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Legal intake portal

Gain visibility & save time in handling legal requests.

Legal teams are bombarded with requests from the business and it can be hard to know who's doing what and where things are headed. Getting your legal intake under control is even more important in an international context.

Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily create a legal intake portal to process all incoming requests from the business, allocate ownership and bring matters to a close.

With Canyon, companies:

  • Save time by making it easy for business users to formulate their requests
  • Gain visibility by centralizing all requests into one place
  • Reduce risk by clearly allocating ownership on incoming requests
  • Gain intelligence by getting metrics on their activity


How it works

The legal team creates a request form and makes it available to business users on a dedicated legal intake portal.
The business user completes the form, which sends an email to a pre-defined member of the legal team.
The member of the legal team, who has become the owner of the matter, reviews the form and asks for additional information by email or internal chat.
The owner receives a reminder by email two days before the deadline agreed upon with the business user.
The owner archives the matter, with all emails, notes and documents saved for later consultation.

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Vendor contracts library

Reduce cost and risk in managing your vendor contractual relationships. Vendor contracts are essential to protect the company against commercial and operational risks. Yet with hundreds of contracts coming from different places, it's become nearly impossible for legal teams to keep track. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily create a fully custom contracts library, keeping all your vendor relationships in check. In a few clicks, define the fields you want to track for the business (dates, prices, conditions, clauses), auto-assign alerts for due dates and create custom tables to visualize all critical contractual data. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by automatically linking alerts to due dates - Improve compliance with a streamlined process - Ensure business continuity by storing all signed vendor contracts in one place and making them easy to find - Reduce risk by never missing a deadline again

NDA process

NDA generation

Save time, eliminate errors and increase compliance in your NDA process. NDAs are critical contracts for companies to kickstart a business relationship. Yet the process is lengthy, error-prone and risky. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily deploy a custom NDA generation process that suits the exact needs of your company and that is entirely self-serve for your business users. In a few clicks, business users draft, sign and store NDAs in a fast, accurate and compliant manner by replacing manual Word/Google Docs-based processes. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by eliminating time-consuming data input - Reduce risk of errors by eliminating manual input of data in Word/Google Docs - Ensure compliance by providing the business with access only to templates approved by legal - Ensure business continuity by storing all signed NDAs in one place

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