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BSPCE generation

Save time, eliminate errors and increase compliance in your allocation of BSPCE.

The allocation of stock options under French law (BSPCE) is a critical process for a fast-growing company. Yet the whole process of getting the allocation docs prepared and signed is messy error-prone and risky.

Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily deploy a custom BSPCE generation process that suits the exact needs of your company. In a few clicks, you can generate all the required documentation and send it out for signature in a fast, accurate and compliant manner, replacing manual Word/Google Docs-based processes.

With Canyon, companies:

  • Save time by eliminating time-consuming data input
  • Reduce risk of errors by eliminating manual input of data in Word/Google Docs
  • Ensure compliance by dispatching the right documents to the right beneficiaries
  • Ensure business continuity by storing all signed BSPCE allocation docs in one place and making it easy to retrieve them
  • Reduce risk by never missing a deadline again (like the end of a trial period)


How it works

The legal team uploads their BSPCE doc templates to Canyon and links them to a form.
The finance team selects the beneficiary in the form and specifies the number of BSPCE.
The full set of BSPCE docs is automatically created (letter, plan and 'mini-pacte').
The CEO and the beneficiary automatically receive an eSignature request.
Once signed, the BSPCE documents are automatically stored in the right folder of the company's document management system. Designated members of the legal and finance teams get notified when the process is done.
Designated members of the legal and finance teams receive an email notification before the end of the cliff period.

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