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Commercial and Contract Legal Adviser

Permanent contract
Published on September 09, 2021
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Founded in 2013, QuantCube Technology is a french fintech startup that specializes in Artificial Intelligence applied to macroeconomics.
We provide real-time predictive analytics based on massive unstructured data (satellite data, social network data, air and sea traffic data…) We combine technology, data science and business expertise to deliver predictive solutions globally, to major institutions and corporations, in multiple sectors.
We’ve created the next generation of financial and economics indicators, called “Smart Data”, that we commercialize on our platform. They estimate a large panel of macroeconomic trends, including local and global economic growth, labor market, real estate market or political elections outcomes. These real-time indicators have an average correlation of 85% with official estimates published weeks or months later and are therefore forward-looking by construction. Our customers use these indicators to establish optimal medium-term investments or to improve public policies and growth strategies.

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