Canyon integrates directly with your company documents storage system (such as OneDrive). Absolutely no migration of files is required, and your company remains in control of its data at all times. Contrarily to other contract management tools, Canyon respects your existing documents storage processes and ensures no disruption in the access to your documents.

Canyon accelerates your legal documents management processes with the following benefits:

  • Create a folder (e.g. in OneDrive) directly upon creation of a new contract / matter, or plug a matter directly onto an existing folder
  • Automatically grant access to the folder based on participation in a matter
  • Directly store generated documents in the target folder of your choosing
  • Automatically store email attachments related to a matter within the corresponding folder
  • Automatically store form uploads related to a matter within the corresponding folder

When Canyon gets deployed within your company, there is most often no need for you to change your existing folders structure: Canyon easily plugs into it in minutes.

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