Benefit 1

Close deals effortlessly.

Closing a deal is complex and time-consuming. It's hard to keep tabs on exactly where we are in the process and who has to do what among the many stakeholders involved. The process is punctuated with tedious tasks like preparation of POAs, collection of KYC documents and review of due diligence material. Canyon brings visibility on the process and accelerates the deal by automating the versioning, signing and storing of documents.

Benefit 2

Keep the house clean.

Corporate housekeeping takes too much time for too little value add. Important board minutes and shareholders' decisions are flying around in each one's mailboxes and it's a drag to find those back and store them in a centralised system. Documents are missing, increasing the legal exposure of the fund and of its managers. Teams struggle to reconstruct the sequence of events impacting a company. With Canyon, teams enjoy a seamless corporate housekeeping experience.

Benefit 3

Extract meaning from your data.

Critical legal data gets lost everyday. Mailboxes were not designed to store legal information yet documents keep flying around in emails. Legal lacks the ability to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate debt-to-equity conversion deadlines, board tenures and transaction-specific dates. Fund managers have a fiduciary duty as board members yet struggle to visualize the extent of their powers. With Canyon, teams turn legal noise into actionable intelligence.

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Give your team superpowers.

Autocompletion - Complete legal records and documents at the speed of light from a trusted data source.
Need-to-know access
Discussions - Ping your team on any document, term or entity and start a discussion in full context.
Emails intake
Intake - Automate the intake of requests from your team and external stakeholders.
Data room on steroid
Enrichment - Enrich documents and entities with tags, statuses and timelines for easy tracking and reuse.
Matter templates
Templates - Turn drafts, emails and notes into ready-to-use templates for your teams.
Smart automations
Automations - Automate the collection, tagging and storage of documents, emails, signatures and more.

Goodbye, legal friction.
Hello, LegalOps.

Sales teams have CRMs. Developers have DevOps platforms. Now legal teams have Canyon.

Legal is shifting towards operational excellence. All around the world companies are reinventing the way they work on legal. LegalOps is emerging as a game-changer to help teams solve matters efficiently.


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Quentin Nickmans
We are using Canyon to manage all our legal matters and it is truly a game-changer for our team and our legal advisors.
Quentin Nickmans - Founder at eFounders