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Reminders & alerts

Canyon lets you attach reminders to dates metadata linked to a contract or any other legal matter. This way you make sure never to miss any contractual deadlines, and centralize reminders in a single place instead of having them scattered around multiple calendars.

Using reminders and alerts, you can:

  • Setup reminders for a certain date, selecting the lead time (e.g., "1 month before date")
  • Visualise all upcoming deadlines and reminders
  • Setup reminders for yourself for actions not directly tied to contract data (e.g., "contact back counterpart in 1 week")
  • Choose which team members you want to remind
  • Automatically define reminders for dates captured through forms (e.g., schedule reminder for a sales person of a contract expiration date after they have input the contract in your contracts library)

Missing a legal deadline is always an unpleasant experience. Make sure never to miss them anymore with Canyon.

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