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Kanban projects

Canyon lets you visualise ongoing matters in a kanban fashion so that you get an overview of all the work going on within your team. This enables agile project management and increases efficiency and continuous improvements cycles.

Using Canyon, you can:

  • Project-manage large legal projects by breaking them into smaller actionable matters
  • Assign owners and participants to each matter, and filter accordingly
  • Assign priorities to each matter, and filter accordingly
  • Get a bird's eye view of key matter data in a central place
  • Define custom kanban columns corresponding to matter statuses
  • Define several kanban boards, typically one per process and type of matter (e.g., commercial, employment, corporate housekeeping...)
  • Instantly visualize the kanban as a table instead
  • Get insights about your kanban board from the metrics dashboard

Canyon's kanban capabilities enable your legal team to accelerate their processes.

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