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Internal chat integration

Canyon natively integrates with your internal chat tools (e.g. Slack) so that you can gain time in collecting data and pushing updates to your business stakeholders. Using the integration, you can:

  • Directly create a matter from a chat message, acknowledging to the message author that you are taking action on it
  • Create a chat channel for each matter to centralize exchanges about it, syncing matter participants and channel participants
  • Directly sync all messages posted to a channel with the matter
  • Directly upload all files posted to a channel to the corresponding documents folder in your files storage system
  • Add a single message or file to an existing matter
  • Push updates and notifications to chat channels directly from within a matter

Using the integration, you can natively integrate with you existing processes without disruption. In particular, business users do not need to learn a new tool to interact with legal: they can just keep using their existing chat channels.

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