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Entities directory

With its simple yet powerful entities directory, Canyon acts as the de facto single source of truth for all legal data about your company and its stakeholders. Anytime a contract is generated with a counterpart, their data is fed within the entities directory so you can quickly retrieve them. Let also your team members access the directory so they can get replies to common legal questions such as "What is our VAT number" etc.

Canyon lets you store the following data about companies:

  • Basic facts (e.g. legal name, legal form, commercial name...)
  • Contact details (e.g. addresses, email, phone, website...)
  • Advanced facts (e.g., capital, number of shares, date of incorporation...)

Canyon also lets you store basic and advanced facts about people.

Each entity in the entities directory also has a list of all contracts and matters related to them so you can directly see all legal relationships you have with one stakeholder.

Sample use cases

Emp contracts

Employment contracts

Save time, eliminate errors and increase compliance in the execution of employment contracts. Having employment contracts signed with all employees is essential for a company to protect its intellectual property and confidential information. Yet the process of preparing, negotiating, signing and storing contracts is cumbersome, error-prone and risky. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily deploy a custom process to generate, negotiate, execute and archive employment contracts and provide a stellar experience to your new joiners. In a few clicks, HR managers generate an employment contract approved by legal as well as the relevant employee policies. HR documents are automatically sent out for signature in a fast, accurate and compliant manner, replacing manual Word/Google Docs-based processes. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by eliminating time-consuming data input in HR documents - Reduce risk of errors by eliminating manual input of data in Word/Google Docs - Ensure business continuity by storing all signed employment contracts in one place and making it easy to find them - Reduce risk by never missing a deadline again (like the end of a trial period)


Vendor contracts library

Reduce cost and risk in managing your vendor contractual relationships. Vendor contracts are essential to protect the company against commercial and operational risks. Yet with hundreds of contracts coming from different places, it's become nearly impossible for legal teams to keep track. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily create a fully custom contracts library, keeping all your vendor relationships in check. In a few clicks, define the fields you want to track for the business (dates, prices, conditions, clauses), auto-assign alerts for due dates and create custom tables to visualize all critical contractual data. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by automatically linking alerts to due dates - Improve compliance with a streamlined process - Ensure business continuity by storing all signed vendor contracts in one place and making them easy to find - Reduce risk by never missing a deadline again

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