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Dashboard & metrics

Canyon enables you to quickly create visual reports of your legal activity and your stock of contracts and matters. Customize dashboard widgets to quickly get insights into questions such as:

  • How many requests are ongoing right now?
  • How much requests is my legal team handling per month?
  • Do I have the necessary resources to tackle incoming requests?
  • Which types of requests are the most frequent?
  • Who in the company generates the most requests to legal?
  • Which types of requests take the most time to handle?
  • Which steps in my processes are the most lengthy?
  • Are we rightly balancing the work within my team?
  • How many supplier contracts do we have?
  • How many commercial contracts are soon expiring?
  • How many supplier contracts do we have with a termination fee above a certain amount?

Using the dashboard widgets and filters, you will be able to find insights about all key questions required to effectively run a legal team.

Sample use cases


Vendor contracts library

Reduce cost and risk in managing your vendor contractual relationships. Vendor contracts are essential to protect the company against commercial and operational risks. Yet with hundreds of contracts coming from different places, it's become nearly impossible for legal teams to keep track. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can easily create a fully custom contracts library, keeping all your vendor relationships in check. In a few clicks, define the fields you want to track for the business (dates, prices, conditions, clauses), auto-assign alerts for due dates and create custom tables to visualize all critical contractual data. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by automatically linking alerts to due dates - Improve compliance with a streamlined process - Ensure business continuity by storing all signed vendor contracts in one place and making them easy to find - Reduce risk by never missing a deadline again

Vendor procurement process

Vendor procurement process

Save time & cost and reduce risk in your vendor procurement process. Companies rely on vendors to operate many aspects of the business. It's important for companies to select vendors offering the best value and presenting the lowest risks. That's why companies build a procurement process. Yet most procurement processes are complex and over-engineered. Using Canyon's building blocks, you can build a simple yet effective procurement process. In a few clicks, you create forms to collect data and documents from vendors and design a flow to get documents commented and approved. With Canyon, companies: - Save time by collecting data in a structured manner - Improve compliance by collecting documents in a consistent way - Reduce procurement cycles by making the process more collaborative and integrated with existing tools - Ensure business continuity by keeping track of all comments and document versions

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