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Canyon comes packed with features to automate and accelerate your legal processes. Use Canyon's simple no-code builders to combine its powerful features and support any legal workflow.

Audit trail

Canyon lets you keep track of all activities pertaining to your legal matters. Whether you want to know who created a document, who sent a document for signature and by when, when a specific email was sent, Canyon has got you covered. Recorded events include: - Creation of documents - Signature processes events - Emails pertaining to the matter - Instant chat messages (e.g. if you have connected Canyon to Slack) - Reminders and alerts - Forms submissions - Notes - Updates made to matter status - Archiving of matter All matter events are minutely recorded for auditing purposes and to get a quick sense of where things stand.

Contracts database

Canyon lets you store all your contracts and other legal matters in a powerful database so you can quickly retrieve them and take actions if needed. Build views that suit your needs using simple-to-use custom views: - Choose between table view, kanban view or dashboard view - Filter contracts and matters based on their type (employment, sales, partnerships, suppliers, corporate housekeeping...) - Filter contracts and matters based on their attributes - Enrich contracts and matters with custom metadata specific to your company needs - Save views for sharing within your company, exposing only the data required for the various stakeholders - Update data on the fly directly from table views - Use search functionalities to directly identify relevant contracts and matters Table views can also be simply exported to CSV format. Whether your have 50 or 10,000 legal documents, Canyon has got you covered.

CRM integration

Canyon's powerful CRM integration can be set up in minutes and helps accelerate your sales cycles. Using the 2-ways integration, you can: - Rapidly pull data from your CRM to feed Canyon's documents generation engine, so no data needs to be input twice and no errors are made - Link Canyon matters to their corresponding CRM opportunity - Link CRM opportunities to their corresponding Canyon matter (if any) - Feed your CRM opportunity timeline with Canyon activity (e.g., link to a contract directly from a CRM opportunity) - Link CRM companies and contacts to their Canyon pages which contains more legal data Canyon integrates natively with Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot. Sales-driven companies use Canyon to take care of all legal aspects of the sales process, thereby significantly accelerating their sales cycles.

Dashboard & metrics

Canyon enables you to quickly create visual reports of your legal activity and your stock of contracts and matters. Customize dashboard widgets to quickly get insights into questions such as: - How many requests are ongoing right now? - How much requests is my legal team handling per month? - Do I have the necessary resources to tackle incoming requests? - Which types of requests are the most frequent? - Who in the company generates the most requests to legal? - Which types of requests take the most time to handle? - Which steps in my processes are the most lengthy? - Are we rightly balancing the work within my team? - How many supplier contracts do we have? - How many commercial contracts are soon expiring? - How many supplier contracts do we have with a termination fee above a certain amount? Using the dashboard widgets and filters, you will be able to find insights about all key questions required to effectively run a legal team.

Document generation

Documents are often at the core of legal matters. Canyon powerful documents generation engine significantly accelerates paperwork while reducing the risk of errors. With Canyon, you can: - Easily import your existing templates as Google Docs, or create new ones on the fly - Use Canyon's simple templating language to flag slots to be filled within the template - Use Canyon's simple templating language to flag conditional clauses and paragraphs that should only be added in the final document if certain conditions are met - Customize the template language so that data is populated accordingly at document generation - Define your own custom fields and metadata to be populated within the templates - Use forms to collect data and directly inject it within templates to generate documents in a fully self-serviced way for your business customers - Generate documents on the fly from within a matter - Generate multiple documents at once With its simple and powerful document generation engine, Canyon can cover all your document creation needs without needing to change your current templates.

Documents management

Canyon integrates directly with your company documents storage system (such as Google Drive). Absolutely no migration of files is required, and your company remains in control of its data at all times. Contrarily to other contract management tools, Canyon respects your existing documents storage processes and ensures no disruption in the access to your documents. Canyon accelerates your legal documents management processes with the following benefits: - Create a folder (e.g. in Google Drive) directly upon creation of a new contract / matter, or plug a matter directly onto an existing folder - Automatically grant access to the folder based on participation in a matter - Directly store generated documents in the target folder of your choosing - Automatically store email attachments related to a matter within the corresponding folder - Automatically store form uploads related to a matter within the corresponding folder When Canyon gets deployed within your company, there is most often no need for you to change your existing folders structure: Canyon easily plugs into it in minutes.

Emails integration

Link Canyon to your email inbox to benefit from centralisation of communications. Using Canyon's email integration, you can: - Group all matter emails in one place in a sequential fashion - Ensure all authorized team members have access to matter emails so there are no more emails forwards and back-and-forth within your team - Send emails directly from Canyon, using your existing email provider - Keep track of all mails sent from the matter - Create matters straight from emails - Automatically upload all email attachments and their versions to your documents storage system - Accelerate the sending of emails using email templates and attachment power-ups - Share email contacts with your team Canyon's email integration has been designed for legal from the ground up to accelerate all your email flows.

Entities directory

With its simple yet powerful entities directory, Canyon acts as the de facto single source of truth for all legal data about your company and its stakeholders. Anytime a contract is generated with a counterpart, their data is fed within the entities directory so you can quickly retrieve them. Let also your team members access the directory so they can get replies to common legal questions such as "What is our VAT number" etc. Canyon lets you store the following data about companies: - Basic facts (e.g. legal name, legal form, commercial name...) - Contact details (e.g. addresses, email, phone, website...) - Advanced facts (e.g., capital, number of shares, date of incorporation...) Canyon also lets you store basic and advanced facts about people. Each entity in the entities directory also has a list of all contracts and matters related to them so you can directly see all legal relationships you have with one stakeholder.


Canyon natively integrates with your eSignature provider to significantly accelerate your documents management flows. Using the simple-to-setup integration, you can: - Directly send documents for signature from within Canyon - Let your team members create and monitor signature requests without needing to create an account with the eSignature provider - Automate sending of signature for generated documents upon submission of forms - Track and be notified of signature process - Automatically archive signed documents within the target folder of your choosing in your documents storage system - Link back signed documents with their editable version - Take automated actions upon signature (e.g. updating matter status) ESignature has become the standard for signing. Canyon brings it to the next level by integrating it directly within your workflows to accelerate them.


Canyon forms allow you to collect data, receive requests, and trigger powerful automations at once. Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create and customize forms suited to your needs. Forms significantly accelerate all processes of data and documents collection, also reducing errors in the making. Forms can be integrated with powerful automations: - Expose forms on your company's self-servicing portal to streamline and simplify handling of legal requests - Trigger the generation of a document from a template upon form submission, using data provided by the respondent - Send the document for signature to a signatory provided by the respondent, to the respondent herself, or to any signatory you have defined by default - Store generated documents within a folder of your choosing in your company's document management system - Collect documents from forms and store them within a folder of your choosing in your company's document management system - Receive notifications to take action upon completion of a form - Integrate forms with your CRM to quickly pull and populate data from CRM opportunities for commercial contracting - Collect data from multiple respondents at once and combine their input into a single document from a template - Send one-time-links to external stakeholders so they can securely access forms even without signing in and help you in data collection processes With their large automations library, Canyon forms offer the flexibility required to support your processes without disrupting them.

Internal chat integration

Canyon natively integrates with your internal chat tools (e.g. Slack) so that you can gain time in collecting data and pushing updates to your business stakeholders. Using the integration, you can: - Directly create a matter from a chat message, acknowledging to the message author that you are taking action on it - Create a chat channel for each matter to centralize exchanges about it, syncing matter participants and channel participants - Directly sync all messages posted to a channel with the matter - Directly upload all files posted to a channel to the corresponding documents folder in your files storage system - Add a single message or file to an existing matter - Push updates and notifications to chat channels directly from within a matter Using the integration, you can natively integrate with you existing processes without disruption. In particular, business users do not need to learn a new tool to interact with legal: they can just keep using their existing chat channels.

Kanban projects

Canyon lets you visualise ongoing matters in a kanban fashion so that you get an overview of all the work going on within your team. This enables agile project management and increases efficiency and continuous improvements cycles. Using Canyon, you can: - Project-manage large legal projects by breaking them into smaller actionable matters - Assign owners and participants to each matter, and filter accordingly - Assign priorities to each matter, and filter accordingly - Get a bird's eye view of key matter data in a central place - Define custom kanban columns corresponding to matter statuses - Define several kanban boards, typically one per process and type of matter (e.g., commercial, employment, corporate housekeeping...) - Instantly visualize the kanban as a table instead - Get insights about your kanban board from the metrics dashboard Canyon's kanban capabilities enable your legal team to accelerate their processes.

Matter templates

Canyon lets you define and customize matters and contracts templates that suit exactly your processes. Use matter templates to standardise recurring legal work such as corporate housekeeping. Using matter templates, you can: - Prepopulate matter data and contract metadata - Prepopulate matter documents folder with sample documents - Prepopulate matter with draft emails ready to be sent to stakeholders - Prepopulate matter with notes and checklists for you and your team Standardising recurring legal work with Canyon matter templates helps your team gain time and reduce errors.

Reminders & alerts

Canyon lets you attach reminders to dates metadata linked to a contract or any other legal matter. This way you make sure never to miss any contractual deadlines, and centralize reminders in a single place instead of having them scattered around multiple calendars. Using reminders and alerts, you can: - Setup reminders for a certain date, selecting the lead time (e.g., "1 month before date") - Visualise all upcoming deadlines and reminders - Setup reminders for yourself for actions not directly tied to contract data (e.g., "contact back counterpart in 1 week") - Choose which team members you want to remind - Automatically define reminders for dates captured through forms (e.g., schedule reminder for a sales person of a contract expiration date after they have input the contract in your contracts library) Missing a legal deadline is always an unpleasant experience. Make sure never to miss them anymore with Canyon.

Role-based access control

Canyon lets you define very fine-grained access policies for all legal data stored in your workspace. Using the role-based access control, you can: - Define roles for your team members (e.g., admin, contributor) - Grant access to matters and contracts based on users' participation to the matter - Hide matters so that they are only shown to a defined set of users, and hidden from all others including admins Confidentiality is at the core of legal work. Canyon pushes this to the next level by letting you manage sensitive data with workspace-wide policies.


Canyon comes equipped with powerful search capabilities that let you find relevant matters and documents to perform your work: - Search through matters and contracts - Search through companies and people - Search through documents (soon) - Search through notes and emails (soon) You can also use Canyon's keyboard shortcuts to directly jump to any matter you have access to.

Self-servicing portal

Canyon lets you create an internal company portal for all frequent legal requests. Use the portal to expose forms that each cater for different requests and use cases from your business customers and accelerate intake. Using Canyon's self-servicing portal, you can: - Let business people handle most of their recurring requests on their own, all the while keeping full control and visibility of the process - Collect data from the business in a structured fashion to avoid back-and-forths - Feed collected data directly into matters and documents to accelerate and automate most of your processes Legal teams use the self-servicing portal to drastically reduce their time spent on admin and repetitive tasks and shift their efforts towards areas of higher value addition.


Canyon supports Google SSO. Using Gooogle SSO, you can: - Secure your workspace so it is only accessible to people within your organization - Let your team members automatically join your Canyon workspace depending on their organizational domains - Offer a smooth and one-click login flow to your team members Canyon has been officially certified as an app meeting all of Google's high security requirements. Find more on the dedicated [security page](

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