Integrated with your existing tools and processes

50% of contract management tools do not deliver expected results because they don't connect with existing systems and force too much change on people.
Canyon integrates seamlessly with your text editor, file storage system, company chat and CRM. Keep using Word, Google Docs, Drive, Slack and your eSignature provider.


Scale smoothly from 50 to 10,000 contracts

It doesn't have to be too late for you to switch to digital contracting, be it for sales or supplier agreements.
With Canyon, you can start with a low volume of simple contracts and scale up to high velocity bespoke agreements.


Your legacy contracts migrated in days

With classic contract management tools, you have to migrate existing contract on your own. This takes 3 months on average to complete.
With Canyon, enjoy a white-gloves onboarding of your contracts in a matter of days. Let our powerful AI do the hard work with the assistance and review of real human experts.


Enjoy the power of modern contract management software

AI extraction - Let Canyon's powerful AI crunch valuable insights out of your contracts and say goodbye to manual data input.
Need-to-know access
Automated reminders - Canyon automatically associates reminders with key contractual dates so you never miss a deadline again.
Emails intake
Analytics - Measure the activity with KPIs and shed a light on your whole contracting process.
Data room on steroid
Access controls - Define user groups with pre-defined access rights. Set up read and write permissions. All integrated with your existing file storage system.
Matter templates
Approval workflows - Have your team request and get approvals from the right stakeholders. Canyon logs every step to help you achieve your compliance goals.
Smart automations
eSignature integration - Canyon plugs into your eSignature provider so you don't have to manually file signed documents back into your file storage system.

They are already contracting with Canyon

Join the movement of modern companies who are putting their contracts to work

Get all the benefits of a modern contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, without the fuss

Traditional CLM Canyon
Sales change management

Disrupt existing sales process to accommodate for CLM where salespeople need to be trained on

Integrate with the current sales process to avoid disruption

Customer-facing processes and negotiations

Try to convince leads and customers to negotiate critical contracts on CLM experimental negotiation platform

Keep existing negotiation channels (emails, Slack) with no friction added

Document storage

Trust CLM own document storage system

Keep ownership of your documents in GDrive, OneDrive or Dopbox

Text edition

Use CLM experimental editor with reduced text edition and formatting functionalities

Keep Word and Google Docs, work online or offline


Use CLM default eSignature provider

Use any eSignature provider (Docusign, Hellosign, Yousign)

Migration and setup time

Average 3 months of manual input of contracts

A few days, with human-assisted AI

More than 50% of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software implementations do not deliver the expected business results*.

What a waste of time and energy — While it's easy to see the benefits of CLM software, it's harder to anticipate the many change management risks.

Most CLM tools fail because of:

  • Technical challenges trying to integrate into existing systems
  • User dissatisfaction from inefficient change management
  • Extended implementation time

That's why we've built Canyon.

Our plug-and-play contract management software integrates by design with existing tools, minimizing changes to your existing contracting processes and slashing implementation time.

We help companies like yours improve their contract lifecycle from 50 to 10,000 contracts. We'd love to give you a hand.

Adrien van den Branden
Adrien van den Branden, LL.M.
CEO & Co-Founder of Canyon

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Join the movement of modern companies who are putting their contracts to work