Focus on your business, not on legal risks.

Canyon makes legal hassle-free for entrepreneurs so they can focus on business development.

Our vision

Digitise legal advice to boost entrepreneurs.

You have jumped on the digital bandwagon but feel that legal is somehow lagging behind? At Canyon, we believe that entrepreneurs deserve better legal support: legal minds that think and act like they do.


Run your business in full compliance.

Breaching the law or entering into badly drafted contracts may cause serious financial and reputational harm to your business. At Canyon, we prepare high-quality legal documents custom-made for the digital era, so you can always be compliant and stay protected from legal risks.

More than just legal counsel

We offer tailor-made solutions with the rigor and quality one can expect from the best legal experts while remaining jargon-free and easy-to-use.

Bring your legal documents to life

Enjoy continuous updates of your legal documents to reflect both regulatory amendments and changes within your business.

Your agreements and policies, online

With Canyon's legal portal solution, share human-friendly legal information online to answer all of your customers and partners' questions (saving loads of time).

One-click legal translations

Quickly deploy multilingual versions of your legal documents with professional quality translations - without the high fees and managerial hassle.


We productise everything to serve you at the best price.

Thanks to an in-depth redesign of the delivery model of legal advice, we bring significant savings to your legal costs while maintaining high quality in everything we deliver.

Strong online presence

We acquire most of our customers online and make this saved time available to actively support you.

Digital native service

We use the best collaboration tools and technology out there to make your overall legal experience better and speed up delivery.

Productisation of legal advice

We deploy advanced technology to automate the documents assembly process and manage our knowledge base.

A team like no other

Our team is made up of both experienced legal professionals and engineers, tasked with the mission of constantly improving our delivery model.

We put ourselves in your shoes

We are entrepreneurs just like you, and we deeply understand your quest for simplicity in your day-to-day legal work.

Let Canyon support you.

Ping us and let us delight you with our radically simplified legal solutions.