Fully managed legal.

Forward-thinking businesses use Companyon Legal Portal so they can focus more on their business and less on legal hassle.

One single portal for
all your legal documents

Finally bring together all of your legal and compliance documents in one place, easily accessible for all.

Enjoy 100% legal serenity

Delegate the preparation and hosting of your critical legal documents to Companyon. Mitigate legal risks with proactive improvement suggestions as your business and the law evolve.

Capture savings across the board

Save project management, translation, development and legal costs thanks to our all-in-one subscription-based formula. Avoid confusion and accelerate your business with one single source of legal truth.

Let your legal documents work for you, not the contrary.

From the preparation of critical documents to their hosting, translation, and continuous improvement, Companyon has you covered on legal.

Fully managed legal

We assist you in the identification of required legal and compliance documents and their preparation.

Constantly up-to-date

As your business and the law evolve, we suggest improvements to migitate your legal risks.

Built to scale with you

We deploy your documents across versions, languages, jurisdictions and more to support your growth.

Your brand, your style

Tune your Portal's visuals (logo, colors, fonts) to offer a seamless experience to your customers.

"With Companyon, I enjoy 100% legal serenity by delegating the preparation and hosting of critical legal documents."

Sébastien Deletaille, CEO, Medispring
All in one solution

A one-stop-shop for your legal and compliance documents.

Companyon provides high-quality advice and deliverables across a wide range of legal and compliance requirements.


Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

Service Level Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements


Privacy Policy

Data Processing Addendum

Record of Processing Activities

Compliance Statement


Legal Mentions

Standard Provisions

Industry-specific documents

Company-specific documents

Our vision

Focus on your business.
Canyon takes care of legal.

Canyon fixes your legal potholes so you can focus on running your business. Discover here why and how we are different from other legal professionals.





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Who is Canyon?

We are a Brussels-based team of tech-enabled legal experts. We have deep expertise in bringing legal support to companies large and small. Canyon was founded by Adrien van den Branden, Cambridge LLM and world-class law firms alumnus (Linklaters, CMS), and by Thomas Vanderstraeten, an engineer and former strategy consultant (Bain & Company) who also co-founded a fast-growing Insurtech (Seraphin.be). Meet our team.


How is Canyon able to offer such competitive prices?

How do we reconcile high standards and limited fees? The secret behind this 'pay less for more' mindset lays in our radically innovative approach for legal advice. All our processes are constantly optimised by our team of lawyers and engineers working hand-in-hand to provide high-quality legal advice. This results in operational savings while improving the overall quality of our work. Ultimately, this translates into lower fees for you and other customers.


How can my company concretely integrate the Portal in its activities?

Most of our customers simply add a link pointing to their Portal in the legal disclaimer of their website's footer. You can also point to the Portal in your communications with your customers (e.g., linking to your Terms & Conditions on the Portal from an invoice).


How does the Portal setup phase work?

We will start with an in-depth assessement of your legal needs before moving on to the preparation of actual documents. The preparation of these documents is highly collaborative by nature as Companyon strives to best cover your legal needs. After validation of documents, we will deploy your Portal and publish the documents.


What is the pricing model of the Portal?

The pricing model of the Portal has been designed for affordability and to ensure you actually capture operational savings from its deployment. One-off setup fees are payable when the documents are initially prepared (and potentially translated) and the Portal is deployed. Afterwards, a yearly fee is payable for hosting and continuous improvements of your documents. The overall pricing has been built so that when combined, setup and continuous improvement fees still offer an unmatched quality/price ratio vs. similar offerings on the market.


What is included under the subscription plan?

The subscription includes content and format updates. We will proactively suggest improvements to reflect regulatory evolutions in your market so that you always mitigate legal risks. Maintenance also includes reactive changes to your documents based on evolutions in your business (e.g. update of terms to reflect the addition of an online payment feature on your website). Maintenance also covers the web hosting of the Portal and continuous improvements brought to it (e.g. new features, UX improvements). In short, the subscription plan ensures that the value you get out of your legal documents increases with time - at the contrary of traditional documents that quickly become forgotten and obsolete.


Is the Portal considered a durable medium for documents?

Yes. Since your company delegates the publication of documents to Companyon, the documents hosted on the Portal are considered a durable medium where any changes will be recorded. Hence you can use a link to the Portal to e.g. share your Terms & Conditions with customers instead of having to attach lengthy PDF documents to each invoice sent.


Can Companyon assist in the migration and hosting of existing documents on the Portal?

Yes. We will assist you in the porting of your documents to the Portal in case you have existing documents available. The efforts required will vary based on the number of versions and the structure of the documents, which will potentially need to be partly reorganized in their formatting to match the Portal requirements.


Can the Portal be used to host internal and private documents?

Yes. Parts of the Portal can be made available with restricted access depending on your needs (either IP-based or password-based protection). You can hence use the Portal to store documents such as employment contracts and internal policies, thereby realising operational savings.


Will my company receive the actual stand-alone documents besides the Portal?

Yes. Your company will at anytime remain the owner of the documents published on the Portal, both in their editable and final forms (e.g., docx and pdf).


Under which URL will the Portal be hosted?

By default, your Portal will be made available under an URL of the form yourcompany.companyon.eu. It can also be made available under a custom subdomain of your company website, like legal.yourcompany.com.