Benefit 1

Legal workflows automated.

Legal involves many mundane and repetitive tasks. Using Canyon's flexible building blocks, you can automate your legal processes the way you want, and link all your documents, emails and notes in one neatly organized workspace.

Benefit 2

Contracts automated.

50% of contract management software fail to deliver because they disrupt existing processes and force users to learn another tool. With Canyon, you automate your current contracting process while keeping the tools the business already uses.

Benefit 3

Self-service legal support.

It's hard not to be overwhelmed when so many legal requests come from so many places. With Canyon, you can design the perfect legal intake system and allow your internal clients to self-serve from a list of pre-approved workflows.

They already automate their legal processes with Canyon

Give your team superpowers.

Autocompletion - Complete legal records and documents at the speed of light from a trusted data source.
Need-to-know access
Discussions - Ping your team on any document, term or entity and start a discussion in full context.
Emails intake
Intake - Automate the intake of legal requests from your team and external stakeholders.
Data room on steroid
Enrichment - Enrich documents and entities with tags, statuses and timelines for easy tracking and reuse.
Matter templates
Templates - Provide the business with self-serving legal templates for all recurring processes.
Smart automations
Automations - Automate the collection, tagging and storage of documents, emails, signatures and more.

Goodbye, legal friction.
Hello, LegalOps.

Sales have a CRM. Developers have a DevOps platform. Now legal teams have Canyon.

Legal is shifting towards operational excellence. All around the world companies are reinventing the way they work on legal. LegalOps is emerging as a game-changer to help teams solve matters efficiently.


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Integrations with your existing tools

Quentin Nickmans
We are using Canyon to manage all our legal matters and it is truly a game-changer for our team and our legal advisors.
Quentin Nickmans - Founder at eFounders

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