Get a 360° view of your legal data.

Canyon is the central hub for all your matters, drafts and documents. Everyone on your team with an interest can track progress, provide input and resolve bottlenecks. All legal issues and data are retrievable in seconds, with full context and history. Alerts warn stakeholders of upcoming deadlines, renewals and end dates.

Fast-track legal work with simple workflows.

Because it is inspired by direct feedback from legal practitioners, Canyon does not slow your teams with burdensome reporting duties. Fast-track the delivery of legal work with simple yet powerful workflows. Documents get labelled on the fly. Incoming emails and attachments are automatically filed. Transform closed matters into templates for reuse and knowledge building.

Save on legal fees, now and overtime.

Let your lawyers use Canyon as a gateway to access all necessary documents and data, ending painful back-and-forth emails and saving everybody's time. Canyon helps you scope your requests to lawyers and secure better deals. Monitor the delivery of legal work and track your external legal spend. Capture significant savings as a result.

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Give your legal team superpowers.

Dashboard - Monitor ongoing legal matters, track and prioritise to deliver legal work faster.

Need-to-know access - Invite team members and lawyers to provide input in one central place.

Emails intake - Simply forward emails to create new matters and store attached documents.

Data room on steroids - Documents are tagged with actionable metadata, for easy retrieval and reuse.

Matter templates - Turn past matters into reusable knowledge, actionable for all your teams.

Smart automations - Accelerate delivery with business rules, automated processes and approval and eSignature flows.

Goodbye, legal friction. Hello, LegalOps.

Sales teams have CRMs. Developers have DevOps platforms. Now legal teams have Canyon.

Legal is shifting towards operational excellence. All around the globe, modern companies are rethinking the way they work on legal through the prism of operations. LegalOps allows legal people to shine as a business function by embracing integration, agile delivery and continuous improvement. Canyon helps companies kickstart their LegalOps journey.

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